Govinda Temple

Is the transaction secure?

To help ensure the security of personal and financial information that you submit through this Website, we use security software to encrypt the information during its transmission. We only allow information to be submitted for transmission if your browser is compatible with our security software. If your browser is not compatible, you will receive a message indicating your transaction cannot be completed because of the security risk.

Govinda Temple uses industry-leading Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to keep your personal information as secure as possible. Network for Good helps to protect your information by working with partners that provide a secure and safe environment for credit card donations.

How can I be certain that my online payment is safe?

The Govinda Temple takes great care to keep the details you provide for credit card payments confidential. We use Saferpay, which ensures an optimum level of security. To prevent fraud, your data is encrypted and then transmitted automatically and directly to the credit card issuer, who processes the payment. The padlock symbol at the bottom of your web browser shows that you are in secure mode.